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Setup and install the Arlo Pro Camera System with easy steps

Arlo Pro cameras are latest and top-notching cameras in the world as it has its central hub that is also known as the base station that is used to connect with all of your Arlo cameras. It happens because these camera uses Z-Waves to communicate with your wireless networks, whereas the other brands use wired connection to give the security. That is why the Arlo camera first needs to connect to the base station and then to the Wi-Fi network of your home.

Step 1: Download the Arlo app and then perform Arlo camera login

Arlo is providing you with the free facility to install the app and set up your cameras. It hardly takes 10 minutes to do the setup completed with this App. To start, there must be Arlo app downloaded into your device, like mobile and the computer.  After installing, launch the app and click the option for “New to Arlo”. In the next page, you will be selecting the product that you will be using. It should be the wire-free product of Arlo. As instructed by the app, you have to install the Arlo Base Station hub.

Step 2: Use the Ethernet cable to communicate with the base station

Use the Ethernet cable that you have brought with the product. Insert one of the tips of the cable into the base station and another end into the Ethernet port of the router. On the back of the hub, there will be a power button just beside the power connection, before pressing the power button, you have to plug in the power adapter into the power supplying board of the router. After setting up the base station, click CONTINUE in the app to reach the next step. Wait till the time the base station power up. There are not many efforts that you require to do, your base station will automatically look for the hub on the network.

Step 3: Selecting the correct time zone

After that in the next step, you have to select the time zone. After selecting the Time Zone to save the changes in the top-right corner, and then you have to click the back arrow. Then tap on the option for the “Continue” button to step on to the next step. Now you have to give a name to your base station. If you are very creative then you can keep some creative name but keep it a little simple that you won’t forget. Then “Hit”

Step 4: Create a NETGEAR Account with My Arlo App

To create a NETGEAR account with type the email address and tap the continue key to get the further step. Give a name and the password to your account, and then you should agree with the terms and conditions. Then click NEXT tab that is at the bottom.

Step 5: The third step is to synchronise the camera to the base station

This time is to synchronise your camera with the base station, but try to synchronise one camera at a time. The distance from the base station to your camera should be under the range of signals. If there is an amber light over the base station that means your base is poorly connected to the network. Then hit the continue tab to step on to the next step. If there are no batteries inside the camera, you can open the back compartment to insert the batteries.

Step 6: Start pressing the Synchronising button

While pressing the synchronising button first, on your base station, then press the synchronise button on the camera. But this should not be done together, one button at a time. Press the button at least for 2 to 6 seconds and then release instantly. This will help you to connect with the network. Once the base station and the camera get synchronised, they will be connected with the each other, after making this communication, hit the continue tab in the application, till the time you finish the entire sync process. If you have had one and more cameras then follow these processes one by one to sync all the cameras that you have.

Step 7: Updating the base station and the firmware of your Arlo Go camera

After you finish with the sync process you have to hit the finish option, and here you will be taken to the dashboard screen of the Arlo application, there you have to check for the update, if you found any update available in the app, then you have to perform the firmware update for your camera and the base station. First of all, tap to the prompt “Update the Base station” and wait till it gets updated.  A similar process is to be followed for the cameras after the base station completes its up-gradation process.

Step 8: Ensuring the New Security System

After getting updates and Arlo camera setup for all of your devices and the base station, you need to ensure the security system. Tap on to the “Live” tab to see the live activities of your Arlo Go cameras. With the app, you can do a lot of things, like you can fix an alarming voice with the strange and mischievous perceiving activities. You can even record videos, snap a photo, enable and can disable audio capturing. Users can also arm and disarm the system either manually, or there is an auto-schedule system inside the application that you can enable to have Arlo camera login with

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