Arlo Camera Login to Pro & Pro 2 models – – Even if you want to use the base station, the setup process is completely painless and takes only ten minutes to implement. To start the process, first, you have to download My Arlo app to your smart device, like a mobile, tablet, or iPhone. Arlo app is a free app which is available for all androids and iOS devices. To download the app, go to an app store of your device, like if it is an android then go to Google play, and if it is an iOS device or an iPhone then go to apple app store only. Type My Arlo app and click the green tab with a bird icon to download the app. Click to launch the app.

Step One: Arlo Camera Setup


  1. Next, unlock the app and click on the “New to Arlo” tab. On the available screen, select the model number or the type of Arlo product that you want to set up.
  2. In your case, select “Arlo Wire-Free” cameras. The app will now instruct you to install the Arlo base station hub.
  3. Take an Ethernet cable and plug one end of this cable into the Ethernet slot of your Arlo base station while the other end will be hooked into the Ethernet slot on your router.
  4. Plug the included power cable into the base station’s power slot and fix it to a power outlet of your home. Press the power button which is next to the power slot on the rear of your base station.
  5. Once you have done with the setup process of the base station and the WIFI router manually, then hit “Continue” in the app prompt.
  6. Wait till the base station to power up, and then the app will automatically search for the hub on your WIFI network. When the app is ready, select the option “Choose Time Zone” within the app.
  7. Select the exact timezone in which you are residing, then hit the SAVE option from the top-right corner of the app page. Now, go to the top-left corner of the same page and tap the back arrow.
  8. Again, tap continues to proceed further. Next, you need to name the base-station. It can be a creative name but something will be easier to remember for you. When it is done, hit “Continue” for further Arlo camera setup process.

Step Two: – Arlo Base Station Sync with your Arlo Pro Camera


Now here comes the main process in which you need to sync your Arlo base station with an Arlo Pro camera. You can do this by synchronizing one camera at a time. The first thing is to place the camera just three feet away from the base station. If you will place the camera far away from the base station, then the Arlo base station sync process can not be implemented successfully. You can place your Arlo Pro security cameras farther away afterwards, of course. Now go back to the app and hit the ‘Continue’ button.

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Step Three: Setting up Netgear Arlo Account create a Netgear Arlo account, start by typing your email address into the required field and then click the Continue button. Write the name and the password for your Netgear Arlo account, and then agree to the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy of the account by Netgear, after that tap “Next” tab from the bottom of the page.

Smart Features of Arlo Pro Camera

Arlo Pro Security Camera lets you monitor over what you want from all angles, in and out, day and night. You can now keep an eye on what matters the most in a resolution of 720p. Arlo Pro Security Camera gives you a peace of mind anywhere you go and anytime you think of your home. Now the Arlo Pro 2 camera has 108-p security that provides you with total control over the security of your house. You can receive instant notification to know when the motion or any sound is detected in your home, office, or institute. Arlo Pro Security Camera lets you view past recordings anytime you love. You may personalize the security system and can experience access share with your Arlo.

Arlo Pro Security Camera can save hundreds of dollars a year. The basic subscription plan of your Arlo Pro two camera gives you access and control over the recordings of the past seven days. This plan never expires, you can enjoy them till the whole life of your Arlo camera. The basic plans of Arlo camera included with every camera and are applicable to five cameras per account. Arlo Pro smart security camera is available with a set of one camera, two cameras, three cameras, four-camera, five-camera, and six cameras.

Arlo Camera and Arlo Base station Firmware Update


When you are done with the entire process of Arlo Camera and Arlo Base station synchronization, hit the option Finish so that you will be taken to the main screen of My Arlo app. Here you will have a prompt to check the firmware update for the base station and the camera. If you find an update is available, then click “Update Base Station, and wait till the update gets completed. Follow the same process for your Arlo Pro cameras when the base station update is completed.

Some advanced features of your Arlo Pro & Pro 2

  • These are 100% wire-free with AC power option.
  • It gives you a clear night vision from any angle.
  • You get Geo-fencing and a siren system.
  • Its angle lens is wide and can be scheduled.
  • These Arlo Pro Security Cameras are completely weatherproof.
  • Motion and audio detection alerts are quicker and more advanced.
  • Now HD video recording has become a matter of a click.
  • You get local backup and storage with cloud hosting.
  • Arlo Pro 2 security cameras are now compatible with all your smart home systems.
  • They provide you with USB backup at the base station when the network goes down.
  • It also lets you enjoy two-way communication with in-built speakers and microphones.
  • There is no need to upgrade the base unit to add a new model.

Check out the New Arlo Security system


Once the firmware update process for your Arlo camera and the base station is completed, tap on the option “Live” to see a live view of your Arlo cameras. There is an alarm option available within the app, you can sound the alarm either manually or can set a schedule based on your location. You need to select the ‘Mode’ at the bottom of the screen within the app, and from here select for Arlo Base Station.

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